The Artesia A-250s are capable of full-scaled performances while being affordable.Β All acoustic drum sounds are well recorded and processed by EFNOTE Japan. Excellent playability beyond the class thanks to delicately tuned sensors and sensing software.

Sound, playability, sensing, user-interface and everything you touch is tuned by EFNOTE Japan. The A-250 makes you happy to play for a long time because of its higher quality.

The newly designed compact sound module comes with simple operation and a high visibility functional panel layout.

Monocoque shell design achieves acoustic drum look and reduced physical noise at the same time.

Enticing sparkling finish and luxurious design.

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  • Building your custom drum kits.
  • Modifying sounds by ambiance.
  • EQ/pitch/decay control.
  • Newly recorded high quality songs for playing along.
  • Extensive training support functions.
  • Quick REC function.
  • Rim-shot/side-stick switching button.
  • Practical metronome function.
  • Simple operation and high visibility.
  • Functional panel layout.
  • Dual headphone outputs (stereo phone/mini)
  • Audio input with independent volume control
  • USB Audio & USB MIDI support


  • Line Outputs (2x Phone), Phones Output (Stereo Mini)
  • Audio Input (Stereo Mini)
  • USB Audio: In/Out, USB MIDI In/Out
  • Bluetooth MIDI In/Out, 5-pin Output

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 95 × 43 × 15 cm


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