BLACKSMITH FRET WIRES (Medium/High-R4, Floyed Rose Tremolo, Bass) 15.75″(400mm) 24pcs./Pack


BlackSmith has been producing fret wire since 1984. Over the years, we have listened to our customer’s needs, quickly becoming a trusted partner and establishing ourselves as the primary fret wire supplier for industry leaders such as Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, Larrivee, Godin, Jackson, Charvel, ESP, Schecter, Samick, Cort, and many more!

Our customers know that BlackSmith fret wire is manufactured from the highest quality 18% nickel-silver alloy and precision extruded on our custom built machines to achieve unparalleled consistency and exacting tolerances.  BlackSmith fret wire is second to none, meeting or exceeding the strict quality demands of our OEM manufacturing and luthier customers around the world.  By combining the best raw materials, a highly controlled manufacturing proces, and strenuous quality control, BlackSmith has become the global standard in guitar and bass fret wire, with more OEM customers than any other fret wire manufacturer.  This long experience and consistent quality results in a nickel-silver fret wire that is easy to seat, level and dress, while offering the warm, clear tone and long sustain preferred by guitar manufacturers, luthiers, and players worldwide. We proudly recommend our fret wire to those who are looking for world class quality at an affordable price.

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BLACKSMITH FRET WIRES (Medium/High-R4, Floyed Rose Tremolo, Bass) 15.75″(400mm) 24pcs./Pack

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